Missing teeth can trigger a series of changes in your mouth that have a negative effect on your dental and overall health. The remaining teeth may start to drift, tilt or lengthen to fill in the space. A dental bridge is one of the best options to prevent the consequences of shifting teeth and to restore full function of the affected area. Our dental team will create custom designed replacements for your missing teeth using state of the art materials. No two patients are exactly alike, so we take the time to ensure the best fit and comfort for your specific needs.

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are the most common type of dental restoration used to replace sections of teeth that are missing, damaged or decayed. Traditionally, gold, amalgam and porcelain are used, but newer, more advanced materials such as ceramics and advanced composites are increasingly being used to also provide strong, durable, natural and aesthetically pleasing results.


Sometimes it’s necessary to extract a tooth. For example “baby” teeth that don’t fall out naturally, severely broken down and non-restorable tooth, crooked “wisdom tooth” and so on. To help easy your fears about this procedure, our dentists will patiently walk you through the process from start to finish, fully explain all your options, and work with you to select the best treatment plan. And don’t worry about those missing teeth; we have many options to restore your winning smile in no time!



While tooth loss can be devastating, partial or full dentures can be fabricated to restore an attractive smile. In situations where some sturdy teeth remain, partial dentures can be made and in some case combined with strategically placed implants for added stability and support. We offer full or partial dentures specially modeled and fit to meet your unique facial features and dental needs.


Crowns and caps

Decay, cracked fillings, root canals even clenching or grinding your teeth can cause such extensive damage that a dental filling may not be enough to properly repair it. In many cases, the only way to fully restore the cosmetic appearance and function of this tooth is with a crown. Crowns can also be used to cover cracked teeth (to prevent further breakdown), to cover permanently discolored teeth, or used to restore dental implants. Our expert dentists will make your crown look and feel like a natural tooth.

Root canals

Root canal therapy is recommended when the nerve inside a tooth has died or is irreversibly damaged. It is a way to prevent or eliminate a dental infection, and save a natural tooth from extraction. Treatment involves cleaning and shaping each canal, filling them with a special material and sealing it to prevent infection. Once a root canal has been completed, the tooth can be fully restored as recommended by your dentist.

Implant dentistry

Dental implants can provide an alternative to bridges and dentures in some patients with missing teeth. They function in the same manner as the root of a tooth and provide a stable and durable foundation for a replacement tooth once it fully integrates with the surrounding bone. An implant comes the closest to replicating the look, feel and function of a natural tooth.